Hi there! Are you interested in joining my team but have a few questions about how it works? Well, you’re in the right place! I thought I’d answer a few common questions I get asked about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. If you already know you want to be a demo, you can click here. 

Q. What is the quarterly minimum and when are the quarters?

The quarterly minimum is $300. This includes purchases you make yourself. If you sold $100, and spent $200 on yourself, you made your minimum for the quarter. If you would like just to be a “happy shopper”, taking advantage of the 20% discount, you would have to spend about $100 a month to meet your quarterly minimum.

The quarters are broken down into four, three-month quarters.  The quarters are Jan-March, April-June, July-September, Oct-December.

When you join SU, you are already within a calendar quarter, so Stampin’ Up! allows you that first part quarter as a ‘grace’ period. A sort of settling in period for you to find your feet. So therefore, your first quarterly minimums don’t need to be met until the one after. For example, I joined in March, but I had all the way through until the end of June to meet my minimums, and anything I bought/sold during March also counted.

Q. What happens if I don’t meet my minimums?

You will be given an extra month to try and achieve them, but if you don’t,you will simply go into an ‘inactive’ state, and no longer be able to sell or buy at the 20% discount. However, should you want to rejoin, you can join the same upline immediately by buying a fresh starter kit. But should you wish to go to another upline, you must wait 90 days.

Q. Do my personal purchases count towards the quarterly minimums?

Yes! SU doesn’t mind who does the shopping. They will just look at your total figures.

Q. How do I get the discount, and how do I earn commission?

As a demonstrator, you get the immediate 20% discount off the net price at the point you make your purchase through the dedicated demonstrator website.  If you are selling to someone you receive the same 20% but as a commission rather than a discount.


Q. Can I earn more than 20%?

Yes, from your own personal sales, you can earn up to an extra 15% commission based on your total monthly sales/purchases.

And if you have a team, there’s extra earning potential there too.

Q. I only want to buy products for myself. Is that okay?

Of course! I welcome all people to my team, whether they want to make a business, or get a discount for their own hobby, or as a growing business. I appreciate my team equally, and give as much support as I’m asked for, and as much guidance as needed.

Yes! However you choose to enjoy your SU! benefits is up to you, and should you head down one ‘path’ and want to move in another direction, then I will fully support you along the way.

Q. I live 200 miles from you, can I still be in your team?

Of course! I am in permanent contact with everyone as and when it’s needed, making one to one phone calls. I have a secret facebook page where all my team members can chat, help each other out, and I offer weekly advice, as well as actively participate and comment.

Q. Can I read the terms and agreement before I sign up?

Yes, and I recommend that everyone does. You can find it here.

Q. I would like to have an online business like you, can you help me with that?

Most definitely. There are no secrets to having a successful business, and research plays a key part, but I am happy to pass on my experiences to my team. I have a secret downline facebook group where I post daily, giving advice, support, and the tools that work for me.


Q. Do I have to have a blog?

No! Having a blog is beneficial, but not essential. Although, I do recommend having a blog as it connects you to future customers. You can use it to post about SU! news, projects you are working on, and maybe even every day life if you want to. You can join blog hops, too, for more exposure. But, you don’t have to do any of this if you feel you can’t post 1-2 a week,; or, do not wish to have a social media outlet.

I do hope this is useful to you, and I can’t wait for you to join Stampin’ Up! and to join my team of Crafters.

If I haven’t answered all your questions, or you would like to talk to me further, you can reach me at:

flourishingcrafter@gmail.com or call me at 201 221 9280. I would love to hear from you.

Stay crafty!